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19 Aug 2014
Do you have a favortie wine tasting location? If you have never been to Napa Valley in California I recommend you check it out. That of course is if you like wine, rolling acres, fields and beautiful scenery. 

Napa Valley is a for sure to see wine region, especially if you reside in the US. It is not far and is well worth the travel. It is just an hours drive north from San Francisco.

The vineyards that you will find are lovely and the views are amazing all around. If you can rent a home there for a few days that is idea. That way you will be able to be surrounded by the beauty and relaxation.

You can get amazing tours of the wineries and see first hand their methods and techniques. You will see where they store the wine,...

09 Aug 2014
There are many different kinds of white wine. You can't go to a restaurant and order a 'white wine'. Well I suppose you could, but the server would have to ask for more information. Unless of course you were at a very low-scale joint. 

What are some of the popular white wines? There are many, but the following are the most common and popular. 

Probably the most popular white wine and the wine you might think of when you say 
white wine' would be a Chardonnay. 
This is a dry, wide body wine. Flavors that you might pick up on could be pear, peach, apple, lemon or citrus fruits. You may also be able to dectect vanilla, almond, smoke and spice. 

I personally prefer what is called unoaked Chardonnay. This is when the wine is not aged in oak. It...

13 Jul 2014

Storage of wine is something that ought to not be forgotten about. So many people invest in pretty amazing wines since they enjoy them, but do not learn how to store them the right way. If the wine is not stored appropriately, an exceedingly high-quality bottle of wine will get damaged. 

The exact storage you should have for your wine would depend upon what sort of wine user you happen to be. If you are a truly serious collector of wine and prefer to develop your bottles of wine and maintain them several years prior to drinking, then you will want a cellar for wine. 


Wine cellars are made to be longer term storage. This is...

09 Jul 2014

Are you interested in knowing a little more about your wine?  

There seems to be so many terms and phrases associated with wine tasting. The jargon that the experts use can be quite confusing. Not to mention intimidating. Are there certain things that we can look for to tell us that our wine is exceptional and worth the money we pay for it? Is this something that is hidden to the common folk?

Good wine will have certain characteristics. The list can fill an entire book. We will just look at some of them. The more characteristics the wine has, the better it probably is. 

Check out some tips from The Wall Street Journal.

The complexity of a wine is one characteristic that speaks to its value....

27 Jun 2014

Many red or white wine drinkers simply don't realize that they ought to drink their wine at a specified temperature range. 

Everyone has their own personal taste regarding wine drinking which is alright, however there is some advice on exactly what temperature is good for diverse bottles of wine. 

Youwill also discover suggestions for your wine storage space and cooling. For anyone who might beinterested in stroring their wine longer term, you really have to think about the environment and conditions. Specifically, you need to think about the temperatrue. If your wine is stored in a climate that is way too chilled or much too warm, it may harm the flavor of your wine and even make it undrinkable. 

Wine storage is not...

13 Jun 2014

Is there honestly a health advantage to having red wine? We have just about all been told the rumors, but could there really be any truth here? Research indicates that minor levels of dark wine actually do supply a few substantial health advantages. 

Wine can help our cardiovascular wellness. But just how? 

• Lower LDL or low density lipids or bad cholesterol

• Raise HDL or high density lipoprotein sometimes referred to as good cholesterol

• Cut down blood clotting

That is not even all. Wine provides the anti-oxidant labeled resveratrol and this anti-oxidant is considered to be able to prevent tumor progression for a few kinds of cancers. 

Further research has also has indicated that Resveratrol can development nerve...

28 May 2014
Yes, it is true! Red wine is good for your teeth.

It appears there are elements in red wine which have antimicrobial components, which will eliminate bacterias that are inside our mouth. This is reported by research that has been publish in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

The particular extract that comes from grape seeds is what contains the anti-microbes.

It might sound unappetizing, but food has bacteria in it. And it is bacteria that causes tooth decay, periodontal disease as well as other hygiene issues. Red wine will help in eliminating some of this harmful bacteria.

With these discoveries, we may see toothpaste and other mouth care products out there before very long that have the bacteria combating elements of red...

21 May 2014

So What Is The Answer? Who Drinks More Wine? France of the US?

France is still the winner in this category. They are on a of the leading producers of wine and a leading consumer. The US however is moving in. Not necessarily on wine production, although they are not too far behind the top 3 producers (France, Italy and Spain), but in wine purchasing. 

The French have been slowing down in their purchase of wine according to experts. And in 2013, the US bought more wine than any other country.

Are there any explanations for this change? There may indeed be a few things at play to account for the change. Americans have become much more wine savvy. When we think of wine, we generally think of Europe, but now America not only makes...