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24 Nov 2014

Are you interested in knowing a little more about your wine?  

There seems to be so many terms and phrases associated with wine tasting. The jargon that the experts use can be quite confusing. Not to mention intimidating. Are there certain things that we can look for to tell us that our wine is exceptional and worth the money we pay for it? Is this something that is hidden to the common folk?

Good wine will have certain characteristics. The list can fill an entire book. We will just look at some of them. The more characteristics the wine has, the better it probably is. 

Check out some tips from The Wall Street Journal.

The complexity of a wine is one characteristic that speaks to its value. Wine experts look for wine that is complex.


24 Nov 2014

Storage of wine is something that ought to not be forgotten about. So many people invest in pretty amazing wines since they enjoy them, but do not learn how to store them the right way. If the wine is not stored appropriately, an exceedingly high-quality bottle of wine will get damaged. 

The exact storage you should have for your wine would depend upon what sort of wine user you happen to be. If you are a truly serious collector of wine and prefer to develop your bottles of wine and maintain them several years prior to drinking, then you will want a cellar for wine. 


Wine cellars are made to be longer term storage. This is not that any...

24 Nov 2014
Do you have a favortie wine tasting location? If you have never been to Napa Valley in California I recommend you check it out. That of course is if you like wine, rolling acres, fields and beautiful scenery. 

Napa Valley is a for sure to see wine region, especially if you reside in the US. It is not far and is well worth the travel. It is just an hours drive north from San Francisco.

The vineyards that you will find are lovely and the views are amazing all around. If you can rent a home there for a few days that is idea. That way you will be able to be surrounded by the beauty and relaxation.

You can get amazing tours of the wineries and see first hand their methods and techniques. You will see where they store the wine, the cellars, and...

24 Nov 2014