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13 Jun 2014

Is there honestly a health advantage to having red wine? We have just about all been told the rumors, but could there really be any truth here? Research indicates that minor levels of dark wine actually do supply a few substantial health advantages. 

Wine can help our cardiovascular wellness. But just how? 

• Lower LDL or low density lipids or bad cholesterol

• Raise HDL or high density lipoprotein sometimes referred to as good cholesterol

• Cut down blood clotting

That is not even all. Wine provides the anti-oxidant labeled resveratrol and this anti-oxidant is considered to be able to prevent tumor progression for a few kinds of cancers. 

Further research has also has indicated that Resveratrol can development nerve cells, which could ultimately help treat Alzheimer’s and even possibly other neurological health problems. This is very promising news indeed. And all from drinking wine.  

So are some wines better than others as far as antioxidants go? The wines that have the most flavonoids include: Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Syrah, Pinot Noir. Other reds, such as Merlots and Zinfandels have less concentration of the antioxidant. You are best with wines that are dryer as opposed to sweeter since they are a higher concentration of flavonoids. Darker reds often have a higher concentration too. and your best bet is to go with a dryer wine. You can also think, the darker the wine, the better.

A serving is consider a 4oz - 6oz glass. This amount is perfect to attain the benefits in the wine. 

As always, review everything with your doctor. 

Here are  some other benefits to think about if you are still not convinced. 

Red wine may help with your memory and overall brain functioning, may have anti-aging properties, fights bacteria in your mouth to fight against gum disease (see more on this here) and food poisoning.


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