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09 Aug 2014
There are many different kinds of white wine. You can't go to a restaurant and order a 'white wine'. Well I suppose you could, but the server would have to ask for more information. Unless of course you were at a very low-scale joint. 

What are some of the popular white wines? There are many, but the following are the most common and popular. 

Probably the most popular white wine and the wine you might think of when you say 
white wine' would be a Chardonnay. 
This is a dry, wide body wine. Flavors that you might pick up on could be pear, peach, apple, lemon or citrus fruits. You may also be able to dectect vanilla, almond, smoke and spice. 

I personally prefer what is called unoaked Chardonnay. This is when the wine is not aged in oak. It tends to give it a more crisp and fresh taste. 

With more oak aging you can detect butter or creamy flavors. This is probably the more popular kind. 

Riesling wine is another popular wine. It is rather light and usually sweet. It is considered a very aromatic wine. You should be able to detect honey, apricot and citrus flavors. This grape originated in Germany and is where most Rieslings are from.

Pinot Grigio is also a favorite. It is lighter than a Chardonnay with flavors of lemon, pear and enen apple. You might also detect almond, clove and honey. This wine is crisp and refreshing.

Finally there is the Sauvignon Blanc. This is also lighter than a Chardonnay. This wine has a sort of herbal flavor. It is still dry, but pear, gooseberry and green apple can oftentimes be sensed from this wine. 

There are of course other fabulous white wines out there, but these are the basics and will set you in the right direction. 



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