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24 Nov 2014

Here is another great Wine App!

Wine apps seem to be cropping up all over the place. With wine becoming a very popular drink and wine tasting a popular and enjoyable activity, entrepreneurs are looking to help out (and maybe cash in).

There are some great wine apps that help you with your wine endeavors. Why do we need another? This one is called WhatWine and it is right now for iOS. The developers have joined forces with Snooth (a popular and resourceful wine website) to help with selecting a wine to pair with your food when you are at a particular restaurant.

Here is an example, you are out to eat at nice restaurant and want to have the perfect bottle of wine for the dish you have selected. If you let the app know what restaurant you are at, it can let you know what wine is best for you dish.

The impetus developing this app was the idea that a sommelier goes through extensive training and experimentation for potentially years in order to get good at what he or she does. But at a nice restaurant, you are given a rather extensive wine list and expected to select one that compliments your food. In reality, this does not make sense.

What if the restaurant doesn’t have a sommelier? Do you trust the server? There are plenty of servers that have excellent wine knowledge, but I am also sure there are plenty that make it up as they go.

Enter WhatWine app to help with this dilemma. What you do is let the app know what restaurant you are at. If another app user has been to that establishment then the app will know the wine list. Otherwise, you simply have to take a picture of the wine list and it will then be in their database.  A few entries later, you have a nice selection of wine to choose from that will compliment the dish you have chosen.

Of course the app can also select a dish based on a wine that you have selected. What’s more, it can accommodate for more than one dish. If you are sharing a bottle of wine with 4 people, you can enter that into the app and it will work its magic.

One questions is, how does this differ from other wine apps? Many of the other apps require you to take a picture of the wine bottle (presumably after you have ordered it) and it will log it into a database for you to recall wine notes. For example, you really like the wine, or you really hated it, etc. Other app users can also see your reviews (and you can see theirs).

These apps are certainly great for certain situations, but WhatWine make it easy to select a wine before your dinner. I suppose then you can use the other app to convey how you felt about the wine so you can remember at a later time or to benefit others.    


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