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24 Nov 2014
Do you have a favortie wine tasting location? If you have never been to Napa Valley in California I recommend you check it out. That of course is if you like wine, rolling acres, fields and beautiful scenery. 

Napa Valley is a for sure to see wine region, especially if you reside in the US. It is not far and is well worth the travel. It is just an hours drive north from San Francisco.

The vineyards that you will find are lovely and the views are amazing all around. If you can rent a home there for a few days that is idea. That way you will be able to be surrounded by the beauty and relaxation.

You can get amazing tours of the wineries and see first hand their methods and techniques. You will see where they store the wine, the cellars, and you will be able to walk through the vineyards.

And of course you can sample each wine and purchase bottles to take with you or to ship to your home. You can go to many wineries on this trip and taste all of the wines in the region and then select your favorites. This is certainly the best way to find new wines. 

Share your favorite locations in the comments. We would love to hear them!



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