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24 Nov 2014

Are you interested in knowing a little more about your wine?  

There seems to be so many terms and phrases associated with wine tasting. The jargon that the experts use can be quite confusing. Not to mention intimidating. Are there certain things that we can look for to tell us that our wine is exceptional and worth the money we pay for it? Is this something that is hidden to the common folk?

Good wine will have certain characteristics. The list can fill an entire book. We will just look at some of them. The more characteristics the wine has, the better it probably is. 

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The complexity of a wine is one characteristic that speaks to its value. Wine experts look for wine that is complex.

Have you ever had a wine and you can pick out certain flavors and smells? For example, your wine might have a cherry taste as well as a plum taste. If you can pick out several flavors when you smell and taste the wine, then your wine is thought to be complex. You can also consider it layered, meaning there are layers to your wine. Sounds good, right? If you wine has a lot of flavors that you can detect, then you have a wine that is complex and is therefore considered better quaility.

Another featrue to look for: A wine is better and of higher quality if it is balanced.

A well balanced wine will harmoniously combine the sweetness, alcohol, the tannins and the acidity so that one flavor does not stand out from the rest. If you taste a wine and it seems very fruity or sweet, or the alcolhol seems strong, then chances are you don't have a well balanced wine. All of these elements should blend together in a way that compliments the flavor. Balance in wine is important and the more balanced, the better quality.

There are many more things to consider when tasting your wine, but the balance and complexity will set you on the right track for identifying a good wine.

Good luck!


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